Providing our patented solution to organisations with high impact bird problems

We Are Robop Systems Engineering Ltd. Creators And Manufacturers Of The R:Falcon Bird Deterrent

The R:Falcon is an advanced bird control device, an autonomous robot modelled on the natural predator of birds; the Peregrine Falcon. R:Falcon guards the roofs of large commercial, public and industrial buildings and structures. As well as open environments such as airport runways, farmland and sports pitches. R:Falcon utilizes motion and sound to trick pest birds into thinking they are in danger from a real Falcon. Founded in 2001 we have years of experience in precision engineering and bird behavioural psychology. Easy to install and maintain, R:Falcon offers a long-term humane and economic solution to a variety of bird pest problems and has a proven track record in some of the worlds most prestigious businesses with installations across 17 countries worldwide.

Our Mission

“To help businesses throughout the world manage their bird problem using our patented Robotic Falcon, the R:Falcon.”

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Why the R:Falcon?


  • The R:Falcon is inspired by nature doing what it does best. An autonomous robot that takes advantage of a bird’s natural in-built fear of the Peregrine Falcon by combining technology with bird behavioural psychology.
  • R:Falcon is used worldwide by businesses such as Johnson & Johnson, Home Depot and Balfour Beatty with a proven track record.

Life Span

  • Built to last and withstand harsh weather, we have R:Falcons that have been operating for over 10 years. This makes the R:Falcon a cost-effective, long-term solution. Because of this, R:Falcon usually works out cheaper than Hawking.
  • We also have an infinite repairs policy and only send parts to the scrap heap when no alternative is available. Prototyping and testing always come before the bin.


  • The R:Falcon is easier on the eye than alternative bird control solutions such as bird netting and bird spikes.
  • Birds are not harmed by an R:Falcon, it is a completely humane deterrent device. So businesses don’t need to worry about causing harm to protected species.


  • Robop has been operating since 2001. Over that time we have seen exceptional sites and worked with incredible customers and suppliers.
  • We have deterred more birds than we can count and are experienced in dealing with a range of pest birds including; Seagulls, Pigeons, Ducks and Jackdaws. 
  • This invaluable experience has allowed us to constantly develop a better service and product for our customers.


  • Our in-house engineers can custom design mountings to ensure that your R:Falcon(s) can be placed in the optimum position.
  • The R:Falcon is designed to be moved or removed easily without compromising the integrity of buildings. Drilling into the building is not required in most cases.

Customer Service

  • Providing great customer service is one of our top priorities. We are with you every step of the way and the care doesn’t stop after installation.
  • Should a fault occur, we provide on-site service or repairs via a collect and return courier service.
  • After the initial 1-year warranty period we offer a variety of maintenance packages to keep your Falcon in working order long-term.

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