Our Clients

Our customers range from Primary Schools to large multinational companies across a variety of business sectors. The common thread through all of these diverse organisations is the need to find a solution to their significant and troublesome bird problems. Many of our customers have already tried one of the popular deterrent options available to no avail, and are willing to embrace new technology, with a strong desire to find a solution that does not harm in any way.

We work closely with our clients to engineer a solution that fits their organisation and continues to do so for many years.

We build, ship and install systems for customers in any worldwide location and accept payment in any currency. We pride ourselves on the work we do and look forward to working with you.

Here are some of our customers…

Paul Thomas, Sr Director Production

“A huge success!  We installed Robop on a 3rd floor internal deck looking over our production area for sub-assemblies just next to a main sliding door that was allowing birds to enter the factory.  To my knowledge the birds never flew into our building after Robop was installed.  We all then kind of forgot about the Robop as it was doing its thing but about 4 months ago our facilities crew removed the bird to allow a new air conditioning duct to be installed.  Within days the birds were back in our factory.  I got an email from my VP asking why the birds were back and to rectify the situation.  We found the facilities crew who removed the bird and had them establish it at a new elevated location about 30 meters from its old position.  Since that day we have had no birds in the factory.  The Robop can be compared a to a light switch in our experience: With the Robop on duty we have no birds.  Remove it, and the birds come back.

In summary we are exceptionally pleased with the results.  Thanks for building a quality product, and if we have other factory locations with bird problems we will certainly repeat as customers.”

Chris Dunford, Sustainability Manager, We The Curious

“We have a robotic Peregrine Falcon, that we have been using on the roof for several years now. 
Since 2010 we have been using the Robop constantly and it now protects the largest photovoltaic solar panel array in Bristol. 
The bird has also become a bit of a personality with it’s own twitter account www.twitter.com/brianrobofalcon and we are keen to continue using it as a seagull deterrent.” 

Jim Humphrey, Team Leader, Thales

“I have had this bird scarer on trial on our site for some months now and I am now awaiting delivery of three of them to keep on a permanent basis. The trial period was a success.

We moved to this site 11 years ago and all the time we have been plagued by seagulls pigeon etc etc. When I saw Robop on television one morning I made enquiries and after a period I got them on trial. I now do not have a problem with nuisance birds and our roof is free from bird excrement and feathers. The feathers used to clog up our gutters and it was a continual job clearing them up.”