At Robop Systems Engineering Ltd. we are committed to providing an innovative and successful bird deterrent package. We are not a pest control company but a systems engineering firm that blends bird behavioural science with technology and a consultancy approach. Our aim is to design a system tailored to you and your site to solve complex, high-impact bird problems. We also work extensively with architects and construction firms on new builds in areas known to suffer from problems with invasive bird species. Our system ensures your beautiful new building will never suffer from bird problems, extending the life of the building and avoiding the cost of expensive roof repairs and catastrophic flooding.

EVALUATE – The first step to our process is to find out what your bird problem is and how we can help you.

RECOMMEND – If we can’t help you we will let you know. But if we can, we are sure to recommend you the best system for your situation and budget.

ENGINEERING – We recognise that every site is different. But don’t worry, we are used to thinking outside of the box and can design custom mounting solutions tailored to you.

INSTALLATION – Our systems are designed to be easy to install. So whether you want to use your own team or ours, it’s up to you.

Evaluating your premises allows us to answer three basic questions:
Is our system right for your application? How many R:Falcons will be required? How much will the system cost?

To answer these questions we need to understand the scale of your problem and its impact on your business. 

Controlling birds can be difficult and ensuring a successful outcome requires evaluation based on knowledge and experience. You cannot buy an R:Falcon without an evaluation, or where we have assessed that our product is not suitable for your application.

We can evaluate your site in 3 ways:

Remotely by using satellite images, client-supplied photos and basic facts. In most cases, client applications can be evaluated  without a site visit.

In-Person Via Site Visit. This is available worldwide. However, in-person evaluations do carry a cost dependant on distance. An in-person evaluation can be vital to ensuring the efficacy of an R:Falcon system and could save you money on the overall cost.

UAV Craft (drone) and Pilot. Our qualified UAV Pilot can carry out an aerial inspection of your premises using 3DR Solo UAV. Perfect for roofs and spaces with difficult or no access.

Utilising our CAA Commercial License we can carry out roof and equipment inspections. Using drones allows us to access areas that are difficult to reach. This gives us better insight into how we can help you with your bird problem. We believe that by continuing to invest in this area that we can provide added value to our customers, watch this space.


Once an evaluation is complete we will be able to recommend the best system configuration for your situation.

Our recommendation is based on your goals, budget and the outcome of our evaluation which will look at the following factors:

  • Size of the roof/area
  • Scale of bird problem – this could affect the number of R:Falcons required
    • Target Area – is there an area of the space that is more problematic or important?
    • How the birds are using the space – i.e. are they nesting or roosting?
    • To determine the main cause of the problem – Is there a major food source nearby?
    • Outcome of the problem – flooding, health and safety risks, loss of production, etc.
    • Access to the roof/area – this will give us an understanding of the power type required and if additional installation equipment will be needed.
  • Is there mains/outlet power available at the installation area? – this is to assess the suitability of the R:Falcon AC version
  • After installation do you have personnel who can manage the falcons? – This will help us to determine the suitability of power types and the size of system required. We offer maintenance packages that can be taken out at any time, allowing us to manage the system for you.

We pride ourselves on our ability to engineer custom solutions to meet specific client needs. At heart, we are a systems engineering company with expertise in electronics, robotics, software, composite materials and mechanical engineering.

  • Customer solutions have included:
  • communications.
  • weather monitoring.
  • automated mounting systems.
  • horizontal and vertical tracked systems.
  • custom engineered mounts.

Robotic Bird Deterrent Roof Installation

Since 2001 our team has built up considerable expertise in installing systems on metal roofs including Kingspan and Standing Seam types. We are also skilled in working with single-ply membrane roofs of various types and on concrete using Hilti Anchors. In 2017, we installed our first turnkey system overseas for a Canadian client. So any building, any location, we can install systems for you.