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At Robop Ltd we want to make sure that the system we supply gets the best results. Therefore, before we can give you an accurate quote we need to know more about your bird problem. In order to do this we have devised two methods. Please choose the one you would prefer below and a member of staff will be in touch asap, usually within 2-3 working days.

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Alternatively, we have found that a short phone conversation is the most effective way to gather this information. If you would prefer this, please click below and complete the short form. A member of staff will give you a call at a time that is convenient for you.


In some cases, the system you require can be straight forward. For example, our Outlander System which is designed to deter birds from synthetic pitches where they can cause significant issues such as:

• Health and Safety Risks: Bird faeces are a health hazard. Nobody wants to finish a game of Five-A-Side with bird mess on their shirt.
• Loss of Revenue: If the pitch is closed due to contamination from birds you can’t use it or rent it out.
• Expense: Deep cleaning and repair of synthetic pitches can cause considerable expenses. Combined with the other issues this can put a dent in your bottom line and leave your customers far from happy.

We also provide a rental service for our R:Falcons which lowers the short-term cost for your business and allows you to stop using R:Falcon whenever you wish. However, so far most of our rentals have turned into purchases.

Get in touch today using either method above and see how we can help you.