Architecture & Construction

Building projects that are located close to the coast require some form of bird deterrent. At Robop we have worked alongside a number of architects, construction companies and end users to plan an effective R:Falcon deterrent system into a variety of buildings. Planning or designing a new build project and looking for a unique bird control device? Get in touch to see how we can help.

Inverness College – Inverness, UK

The Problem: 

Inverness College is constructed in an area known for issues regarding birds. The decision was made to use R:Falcons at the design stage to combat problems such as flooding and health and safety issues. Shaped like a boat, the college has 2 funnel like structures which rise above the roof level and cover the rooftop M&E facility for heating and ventilation. These structures provide a tempting home for Gulls and other birds.

The Solution:
Our solution was to provide 2 R:Falcons and 5 Pneumatic Pole mounts, meaning that the birds could be moved around the roof periodically and be raised above the level of the roof structures to ensure visibility to approaching birds. The system has been very successful in keeping the roof bird free.

Market Street Hotel – Edinburgh, UK

The Problem:
Opposite Waverley Station is the brand new Market Street Hotel. In 2016 we were approached by JM Architects to provide a solution to anticipated gull and pigeon problems at this city centre location. This hotel was designed with multiple roof levels which can be difficult when considering a bird deterrent solution. At Robop we are experts at taking on these kinds of challenges.

Our Approach:

Our solution was to provide a system consisting of 2 R:Falcons with 2 pneumatic pole mounts and a third post mount. All mounts were attached to steel posts connected to the structural steelwork during construction. This approach provides a very robust mounting system with the Falcons visible to approaching birds in all directions. The third mount gives the client flexibility to move the falcons so they are not always seen by birds in exactly the same spot. This simulates the falcons flying off and returning to a different spot on the roof. All part of maintaining the long term effectiveness of the system at a minimal cost.

The Solution:
2 R:Falcon AC (Mains Power) and 2 Pneumatic Poles