Energy and Environment

Deterring birds is not always about saving property from damage or stopping an onslaught of dive-bombing gulls during nesting season. It can also be about protecting the birds. Many of our systems in the Energy and Environment sector are for precisely that. From deterring birds away from fracking contaminated water, to preventing them getting caught in a construction or demolition project. The R:Falcon has even been used to encourage the reintroduction and settlement of a bird species back into an area.

If you have a project in mind that involves deterring birds for their own safety, check out our installations below and give us a call to see how we can help.

UK Environment Agency – Clacton Pier and South Devon 

The Problem:
Heavy concentrations of gulls in certain beaches raised the prospect that these beaches may become condemned and the public excluded. This could have a catastrophic effect on the economies of coastal communities

Our Approach:
We have supplied the U.K. Environment Agency with two small systems, using R:Falcons on bespoke trailers. These can be pulled along the beach at intervals to assist with pollution control along the South Coast of England.

The Solution:
2  R:Falcons DC on tripods mounted on pull along trailers.

Detect Inc. – Florida, USA

Detect are based in Florida and manufacture sophisticated radar systems for detecting flocks of migrating birds. These systems are installed worldwide on military airfields. They alert control towers to approaching birds which could endanger aircraft during take-off and landing. The system has been adopted to protect migrating birds and keep them off contaminated tailing ponds in Canada.

These ponds in the shale oil sands area of Alberta form as a consequence of oil extraction. When the Detect system shows birds approaching it sets off one of our R:Falcons. This alters the flocks flight path, diverting the birds away from contaminated water to water that is safe to drink.