Our Story

Robop Ltd. Was started in 2001 in response to rapidly increasing gull populations in the urban environment. This was having a serious impact on the owners of large buildings where traditional approaches were not working. The initial concept was the brainchild of Bob McIntyre who possessed a lifetime of practical knowledge and experience in bird behaviour. He was joined by Alan Davie, Bob Samuel and John Donald, experts in building and financing technology companies.

The aim of Robop Ltd. was to bring a sophisticated, attractive and effective product to the market for businesses. Offering flexibility, a long-life span and the ability to cover extensive areas where bird netting and spikes ceased to be practical or cost-effective.

Formally known as the Robop (Robotic Bird of Prey) our R:Falcon systems bring a combination of science, engineering and patented technology to the table. We offer a unique and precision-engineered bird control system with 18 years of evolution and a wealth of applications. Today R:Falcon is used worldwide by large companies and public sector organisations across 17 countries.

All Robop Systems Are Custom Made At Our Engineering Centre In Scotland

Each Robop has over 100 parts and is built to order. We like to think of ourselves as carrying on the great Scottish engineering tradition. All R:Falcon’s are manufactured using state of the art technology and modern materials.

We don’t make or sell anything else. In short, we are a highly focused company who are dedicated to solving your bird control issues using our unique technology.

Our Qualified Technicians Will Install Your R:Falcon or You Can Arrange for Your Own Internal Team
to Do So.

All of our Robop bird deterrents are designed to make the installation quick and simple. A lot of our customers use their own staff for installation. However, for complex systems or where convenience is preferred, the installation can be carried out by our expert installations team.

Our mounts can be adapted or custom engineered to suit, with the aim to preserve the integrity of the buildings fabric and aesthetic. Each mount contains a bearing that allows the R:Falcon to move freely.